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Steve Jobs’ famed mock turtleneck is reborn – and you can have one for $270


It’s back.

And it’s a little slimmed down.

The Japanese designer who supplied the late Steve Jobs with his trademark mock turtleneck is bringing it back in updated form, according to a new report.

“Of the many technological and ­artistic triumphs of the fashion designer Issey Miyake … his most famous piece of work will end up being the black mock turtleneck indelibly associated with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,” Bloomberg reported.

But after Jobs’ 2011 cancer death, production of the garment was laid to rest as well.

Jobs had obtained some 100 of the mock turtlenecks, worn to iconic effect with jeans and sneakers.

And that exact mock turtleneck model is not emerging from the Eternal Closet — however, Miyake’s new version recalls it strongly.

As Bloomberg put it, the garment is “guaranteed to inspire déjà vu.”

Called the “Semi-Dull T,” it’s 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton, and will sell for $270, according to Bloomberg.  It has a “trimmer silhouette and higher shoulders” than the model Jobs wore.

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Jobs decision to adopt a uniform of sorts for himself came after he failed spectacularly to put Apple employees into matching garments, the business news site reported. After touring Sony headquarters in Japan during the early ’80s and seeing all the employees in the same blue and white jackets, Jobs got Miyake to design a vest Apple workers could all wear.

The proposal did not go over well, Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson.

“Everybody hated the idea.”

Photo:  The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, in his iconic mock turtleneck, held up an Apple iPhone at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco in 2007. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

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