SuperPhoto enhances your pics with hundreds of fun effects


SuperPhoto is a fun Android, iOS and Windows app which can revamp your photos with more than 300 effects in the free build, 1,500+ if you buy the full version.

There are filters to turn your pictures into works of art: Painting, Stencil, Banksy, Pencil Drawing, Stylize, Pastel, Cartoonize, Warhol, more.
The program can frame all or part of your image on a cube, a bubble, in a banknote, on a t-shirt, in a newspaper ad, in a TV, and more.

You can overlay the image with stars, circles, hearts, leaves, petals, sparkles and assorted other shapes.

SuperPhoto has a range of mosaic-type effects. There are types of pixelation, simple mosaics, stained glass effects, filters which split the image into blocks and rotate them in 3D.

There are also the usual color tints and texture effects, and others which blend several of these together.

Once you’ve finished, the results may be saved as a JPEG. The free version limits these to “medium” resolution. We didn’t see any figures on exactly what this means, but we managed to save images of around 1300×700, fine for basic on-screen use.

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If export file size is an issue, upgrading for around $5 enables full HD support and gives you access to 1,200 more effects.

SuperPhoto is available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 and later.