The Banana Phone is a phone with very limited appeal


The Banana Phone is a device that was clearly conceived during an evening in which far too many alcoholic beverages were consumed.

It is, essentially, a phone shaped like a banana. So you can call friends and family members on what appears to be a piece of yellow fruit. It’s an amusing idea made real. But it’s also a device with a big problem.

That problem is, it can’t make calls on its own. Instead you need to pair it with an existing smartphone via Bluetooth. In other words, if you want to use the Banana Phone you’ll need to carry another phone with you. You can make calls by asking your actual phone’s voice assistant (via the Banana Phone) to place them for you.

But why? It’s a joke that once played immediately loses its appeal. People will smile the first time they see you talking to someone on a banana, but after then they won’t care, and you’ll either end up lugging around two phones wherever you go — one of which is very inconveniently shaped — or you’ll leave the Banana Phone behind, in a drawer at home.

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The makers of the Banana Phone are currently crowdfunding it via Indiegogo, and one device will set you back $40 plus shipping. 1 percent of all sales will go towards Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, a charity devoted towards protecting the mountain gorilla.

You’d be bananas to waste money on this phone, but the charity is a worthy one, and you can donate directly here.

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