Veteran Engineer Quits Google Because It Killed Innovation


A software engineer that had been working for Google for almost 13 years has just resigned because the tech giant “can no longer innovate” as its focus has switched from innovation to competition.

The new “100% competitor-focused” approach has led to products that mimic Goggle’s rivals products like the Amazon Echo, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Steve Yegge offered more details on his decision to quit Google after so many years in a blog post. Yegge, who joined the web search giant in 2005 after leaving, is upset that Google is too focused on rivals instead of users.

He claims the smart speaker Google Home is a copy of the Amazon Echo. Also, Google’s IM app Allo reportedly drew massive inspiration from Facebook’s WhatsApp, and so on.

Google has become 100% competitor-focused rather than customer focused,

Yegge said.

Google No Longer Focused on Customers

The former Google employee claims that the company’s internal battle cry to focus on the customer and let all else follow is nothing more than “lip service”. Yegge criticized his former colleagues for not taking enough time to talk to customers to learn more about what they really want. Instead, Google employees copy what the competition has learned about customers.

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Google has yet to reply to a request for comment.

When contacted by the CNBC, the former engineer said that the viewpoints expressed in his blog post are purely personal and do not represent Google’s position.

  • It is not the first time, though, that the engineer criticizes his employer.
  • In 2011, he told his colleagues that the disaster called Google Plus, which was an attempt of a social network, was a “prime example” of Google executive leadership’s failure to understand such platforms.
  • Yegge’s latest criticism of Google comes as he joined the company Grab, an Asia-based taxi-app firm, which he later praised in his post for being innovative.

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