After Live Video, Facebook is making real time audio a social thing


Who would have thought that radio could be social one day? Thanks to that constant itch Facebook has, that drives it to make every single thing under the sky social, the company has now made “social audio” a real thing. Facebook is rolling out the Live Audio feature to select group of publishers this year, and will follow up with a wider roll out next year.

As we continue to improve the Facebook Live experience, we’ve been listening to feedback to inform the new tools and features we build. One thing we’ve heard is that partners want new formats for going live. We announced Live 360 last week, and today we’re excited to announce another way to go live on Facebook: Live Audio.

So basically, its Live Video minus the video. Real time audio broadcasting that could prove to be particularly useful for ares that don’t have access to quality Internet or when audio is the call of the hour. Live Audio would be thus be able to provide publishers with a low-bandwidth real-time broadcasting option.

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BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins are some of the organizations getting  early access. while authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett are also receiving the privilege to broadcast their voices to their followers. This should really give us an idea of where Facebook is going with this new feature. Book readings, news broadcasts, speeches and so on…although if you sneeze during your broadcast, everyone is going to hear that too.

Meanwhile, the Facebook app supports background play. Which means that you can minimize the app and go about your business as usual, while listening to some news or a real-time book reading. However, iOS users don’t have that privilege in the beginning and shutting the app will cut down sound altogether.

The workings are pretty simple. You start a live broadcast and notifications will be sent to your page’s active followers as well as some of your most ardent followers. They can then tune right into the live feed and listen in.

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Well, once the feature rolls out more widely next year, folks will have a new and novel way of communicating with a lot of people at once. The feature will also let camera-shy folks get their voice across to the masses in a new, novel way that does not require to hide out of the camera’s sights.