AMD Epyc Processor Units – A Rival for Intel?


The official launch of the AMD SoC units at the AMD HQ in Sunnyvale

AMD has just released its newest SoC units. The AMD Epyc processor units represent an alternative to the giant Intel, who has a 98% market share. If AMD manages to penetrate the SoC market, it would bring real value to the market.

AMD Epyc Processor Units Could Be a Threat for Intel

Dan Bounds, senior director of data center products and enterprise solutions at AMD, said that

“For AMD to penetrate the market, win hearts and minds, to create value that customers are willing to pay for, we have to be disruptive”.

It has been some time since the AMD Epyc processor units were teasing the public. But now, there is a full-on specs as far as these sockets are concerned. The AMD Epyc processor units come in a variety of both technical and cost ranges. The Epyc 7251, which has 8 cores supporting 16 simultaneous threads, a base frequency of 2.1GHz to a maximum 2.9GHz is one option. Then, there’s the Epyc 7601, with 32 cores, 64 threads and a base frequency that goes from 2.2GHz to a maximum frequency of 3.2GHz. By comparison, Intel’s Xeon chips, have a maximum of only 24 cores.

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The struggle of AMD and the AMD Epyc processor units to enter the market comes amidst the shifting of data from physical units to the data cloud. So, naturally, this move puts a lot of stress on data center servers. The current possibility would be to add cores to processor units for fast reaction when a query is performed.

In addition, the AMD Epyc processor units offer eight memory channels that support up to 2666MHz DDR4 DRAM, a total of 2TB memory and 128 PCIe lanes. Another benefit is that the thermal design power (TDP) ranges from 120W, for the low end, to 180W, for the 32-core model. This will surely help cut down energy and maintenance costs. As well as power usage and space.

And, overall, if a user wishes to combine one unit with another, the AMD Epyc processor units can be paired to form a 2-unit socket. So, if AMD will manage to penetrate the market, Intel might face a serious contender in over almost a decade.

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