Astronauts to Bake the First Spatial Bread for Their Own Health


In life, small details matter. With this in mind, it comes to no surprise that crumb-free bread has the power to turn lifestyle on the International Space Station around. From the beginning, astronauts had no other choice than to swap this Earth staple food with their duller version, namely tortilla wraps. However, this situation is about to change thanks to the first spatial bread baked on board ISS.

Bread Crumbs Can Wreak Havoc on Board Space Station

Astronauts have to make a whole lot of sacrifices in order to pursue their dreams of conquering space. They have to change the way they move and let go of many products and services that make life easier on Earth for an extensive period of time. Bread is one of these sacrifices. It may not seem like much, but it is quite a challenge if you come to think about it.

The reason why no one can bring a good loaf of bread on board ISS lies in its crumbs. Those tiny particles are life-threatening if they are let loose in space. This is because they are hard to pick up. Once they are free to roam the space station, they can easily infiltrate in electrical equipment and cause a fire.

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A German Bakery Came up with a New Recipe for Spatial Bread

However, Back in Space which is a German company might have come up with a solution. The bakery invented a new recipe for a special dough that doesn’t leave crumbs behind. The challenge was even bigger to not only devise a tough yet chewy texture but also endow it with the traditional taste of bread.

Therefore, astronauts on ISS are going to test the recipe themselves. However, the experiment is scheduled for April 2018 during the Horizon mission. Bake in Space is going to guide astronauts through the process of baking the very first spatial bread. There will be plenty of benefits if this project succeeds. Some experts are strong believers in the fact that fresh hot bread can energize astronauts and make them feel like home.

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