Expedition 50 Of The ISS Just Broke Another Record


The Expedition 50 crew just added a new record to its already significant achievements list.

Expedition 50 is the name of a mission crew that has been serving on board the International Space Station (ISS) since October 2016. However, American astronaut Peggy Whitson has long outlasted this most recent mission. Another record for stamina on the ISS was broken, and this time it was by a woman.

Expedition 50 Aboard the ISS Broke Several Records

Expedition 50 called for research into biotechnology, human physiology, and Earth science. It is composed of several astronauts from all over the world, including the United States, Russia, and France. While the Expedition ended on April 10, one of its members is still up there, and she is still racking up her record.Dr. Peggy Whitson is now the longest serving American in space, having logged over 534 days while in the orbit of Earth. Her fellow astronaut, Jeff Williams, held the previous record, having achieved it only last year.

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Whitson will now continue as commander of the station. According to her current schedule, she will log in more than 650 days total before she is expected to return to Earth. That will stack up quite a lead for future contenders of any gender.

This is not Dr. Whitson’s first crack at breaking a record. In 2007, she became the first woman commander of the ISS. She is also the first female to take command a second time as she took over earlier this year. Dr. Whitson performed more spacewalks than any other woman in the history of NASA. She also has the honor of being the oldest woman to conduct a spacewalk, an activity often held in high regard by space agencies.

Not only has Dr. Whitson broken another record, but she also serves as an example of how important is to encourage girls to attempt all types of STEM careers.

As it is, the Expedition 50 crew as a whole broke a new record. According to a statement released by the European Space Agency, the mission logged in the highest number of study hours aboard the ISS. As such, they set the record of most time spent doing scientific research.
The mission members reported a combined number of 99 hours for the March 6 week. On average, the ISS crew has 40 hours working week. This has to be split between the required 2.5 hours of exercise, research, and ISS maintenance work. The new record excludes all non-research related activities and targets just the hours spent carrying out studies.
“This new record for science shows the crew is spending more time using the Station for its intended purpose as a weightless space laboratory.” This is according to the ESA release.
Image Source: Wikimedia

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