Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Development


Ford Fusion Hybrid second generation has been announced now and will be unveiled in 2017.

Three years ago Ford launched its first generation of Fusion Hybrid. Now they have made an autonomous development in order to speed up the process of making the Fusion Hybrid a self-driving car. Ford Fusion Hybrid second generation has been announced now and will be unveiled in 2017.

This development has added many great features including the ability of the car to drive and operate in the dark without using headlights and the car can now drive on snow-covered roads. This was not possible with the first generation of this car.

These new cars have gained more computer processing power. This time Ford has focused on improving the visual system. This system combines radar sensors, 3D maps, computing power, cameras, and Lidar. In order to supply the necessary battery for all the power that this car needs the Fusion Hybrid requires an addition of a generator.

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The only disadvantage of these self-driving cars is the small trunk space. They have a smaller trunk space than usual cars because there is where the whole operation is located. All the information from the cameras and sensors that merge into traffic, avoid obstacles, pick the best route, and adjust speed, are located in the trunk.

You are probably wondering just how much information is required in order to process all of these things. Ford announced that the computer generates 1 terabyte of data per hour. In order to compare, this much information is used by people on their smartphones in 40-50 years.

Ford managed to create 20 Fusion Hybrid second generation vehicles but it announced that they are trying to add more than 60 cars in order to have 90 cars by 2021. This would be a great achievement for Ford.

All of these efforts are made in order to create the best design and technology to produce a car that is totally autonomous. This means that Ford is trying to be the first to develop the best self-driving car on the market. Despite the fact that other car companies are ahead of them, they might succeed if they continue like this.

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What is your opinion about Ford Fusion Hybrid? Do you think that self-driving cars are safe?

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