Google Earth Now Lets You Explore the Planet


Google wants to make Google Earth more interactive and allow users to explore remote places

The Google service which offers 3D maps, Google Earth, will suffer some changes, as the company decided that the tool should follow a new orientation. It will now contain a new feature called Voyager, which is designed to help people who are eager to go on adventures and to explore their surroundings.

Voyager is an amazing feature which makes Google Earth both useful and interesting. To develop it, Google received the help of institutions such as NASA or BBC. They provided the company with videos, pictures, and neatly organized information which would accompany the 3D representations of locations already present in the service.

Google collaborated with many institutions for the new Google Earth

Here are a few collaborations which make Google Earth more interactive. For instance, the Jane Goodall Institute, specialized in research on chimpanzees, will allow users to explore remote areas in Tanzania where these species live. Also, they will provide pictures of the chimps and comparative images from 2005 and now to see how deforestation affected their populations.

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Some other collaborators are the producers of Sesame Street. They will offer images of the co-productions of Muppets from all over the world. Users will be able to see on the map where Muppets live and find out interesting stories about each region.

If you choose the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option, it will choose a random location and send you to explore it. Through this initiative, they want to present to the users some not so popular locations, which strike with their beauty. Among these, there is Bunaken, an island in Indonesia which is included in a national park.

Offering the service a new purpose

Google decided to revive Google Earth as, over time, people started using it less. It seemed a bit unpractical, since you were required to download it, and most of the benefits it offered became available on the online Google Maps.

Now, Google wanted to make Google Earth interesting again. They declared that the purpose of Maps is to show you the way to a destination, but Earth is about something else. It will help you get lost in exploration and discover amazing information.

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If you use a PC, you will no longer have to download the software, as it will be available in the desktop version of Google Chrome. However, you have to download an app for Android smartphone and tablets, but there is no version available for iOS yet.

Google has big plans, as they announced that they are planning to create a VR version of Google Earth which will most surely immerse you in the landscape like no other app could.
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