Japan Is Looking For Volunteers For Simulated Space Station Experiment


A Japanese space agency is looking for 8 volunteers for their simulated space station experiment.

If anyone has ever wondered what’s it like to live aboard a space station, then now’s your chance to make your dreams partially come true. Japanese space agency, JAXA, is looking for volunteers for a simulated space station experiment. If that’s not enticing enough, here’s more. JAXA will pay about $3.500 for a mere two weeks of living in the faux station.

Eight volunteers will reportedly have to spend 14 days and 13 nights in isolation at a “closed environment adaptation training facility”. The goal of the experiment is to assess stress patterns that astronauts may encounter during extended space missions. The agency is looking for “healthy male and female subjects aged 20 to 55” years for the experiments.

JAXA’s website states that this would be the sixth experiment of its kind and will be conducted alongside the Japan Clinical Volunteer Network (JCVN). According to JCVN, the test will be carried out at the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center.

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JAXA said that registrations for the experiment are open until January 31 and the chosen volunteers will receive a “cooperation fee” of 380 thousand yen. The payment will go through approximately one month after the experiments are over. The agency has yet to announce when the space station experiment will commence.

While JAXA’s application form did not explicitly exclude non-Japanese individuals from applying, it was later made apparent that the application was open only to Japanese nationals.

The agency finished its fifth experiment on December 12, during which eight volunteers spent 15 days and 14 nights in an isolated environment.

JAXA said that participants’ psychosomatic stress states will be assessed throughout the experiment.

Tests such as this are essential to understanding the potential physical and mental health hazards astronauts will face once they will voyage to Mars and beyond.

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