Jimi Hendrix Plant Could Be In Danger


The Jimi Hendrix plant could be in danger as human practices seem to be threatening it.

The Jimi Hendrix plant could be in danger as human practices and development could be threatening its already limited natural habitat.

Our planet has an extraordinary array of fauna and flora. Both plants and animals are in a continuous natural cycle. As old plants disappear, new ones take their place.

Estimates show that there may be about 10 million species that have yet to be named, or discovered. As such, naming a plant after a celebrity is not a new practice. Especially so when said plant may be in danger.

The Jimi Hendrix plant may a prime such example. It was discovered in Mexico, in Baja California. Its exact habitat is housed by the Punta Colonet, a smaller region.

Mark Dodero, a biologist, was the one to chance upon the flower. The man was reportedly listening to the famed musician when he discovered it.

As such, the Jimi Hendrix plant came to be known as Dudleya hendrixii. To put it more simply, “Hendrix’s live forever”.

A team of researchers then went to study the plant. Study results were published in the October issue of the Madrono journal. This is released by the California Botanical Society.

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The Jimi Hendrix plant is a somewhat delicate specimen. Its flowers grow on a thin stalk. Growing to be up to 1 foot high, it is an unusually pinkish succulent. The plant was also recorded as being deciduous.

In other words, it “dies” during the summer. However, it regrows during the fall season. It appears to also be quite rare. The recent release is its first ever description. No other scientific records have been found.

The succulent is not the only plant to bear a famous name. Pop culture inspiration seems to have become a quite common trend. A variety of areas and celebrities have already been covered.

As such, we have everything from a Bill Gates to a Beyonce inspired species. Bob Marley’s name, for example, was bestowed on a Caribbean crustacean species.

One quite famous example is the following. A 2011 discovered fungus is now known as Spongiforma squarepantsii.

But such famous names may help shine a light on their namesakes. They could draw attention to endangered fauna and flora.

Famous animals such as pandas or humpback whales already have quite some forces trying to protect them. However, newly discovered species have no such luck.

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They would need a broader appeal. This could help generate funding and other necessary protection means. Conservation funds could also be secured through the same methods.

As such, the Jimi Hendrix plant could gain a chance to actually multiply. By bearing the famous name, it is already generating media attention.

The D. hendrixii is already in a somewhat dire situation. Its entire currently known habitat spans over a 2-acre plot. And it may soon be even smaller.

Its habitat is being continuously wedged in by human development. Surrounding traffic may also be an added disadvantage.

Michael Simpson, a study co-author, went to offer details. According to him, the plant is in an equivalent situation to that of an endangered species.

Mexican authorities have different criteria than the United States ones. However, the plant can easily be classified as threatened.

Researchers are currently trying to relieve its situation. Appeals have been reportedly made to Mexican wildlife authorities. As such, the threatened Jimi Hendrix plant could come to beneficiate from protective measures.

Although some may oppose the measures, its famous name is hoped to become an advantage.

Image Source: Pixabay

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