New World War 2 Inspired Call of Duty in the Making


Rumors have it that Activision is secretly working on a new World War 2 inspired Call of Duty game.

Gamers from around the world rejoice because, according to a new set of pictures leaked on a YouTube account, it would appear that Activision is hard at work, developing a new Call of Duty title. Since early February, everyone knew that the company is secretly working on a new project one that, per the Activision’s statements, mirrors the true essence of the Call of Duty series and not the whole pew-pew-pew, shoot down that space fighter.

So, according to these pictures, it would appear that we will finally be able to play something else than Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Rumors have it that the new Call of Duty project, nicknamed World War II will take the players back to the horror-ridden battlefields of the Second Worldwide Conflagration.

According to Activision’s February statements, the company is hell-bent of once again winning the hearts and minds of its fans, who are probably fed up of playing a game based on a single recipe and few flashy new gadgets. So, it would seem that the developers want to go back to the game’s roots, which apparently is the Second World War.

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As you would recall, the first two games of the award-winning franchise, followed key events in the WW2 timeline like North Africa, Stalingrad, the Northern France campaign, all the way to the Fall of the Reichstag. Call of Duty 2 was one of the most titles in the series since it brought a heap load of graphics and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, what was meant to be the crowning achievement of the WW2-inspired Call of Duty games (Call of Duty World At War), turned into a fiasco the minute it hit the stores’ shelves. Poorly optimized and highly unstable even after several patches, the game managed to disappoint the fans of the franchise, even though it was as packed as Call of Duty 1&2 put together.

And then came the era of the modern series, where players were put in the boots of soldiers who had to travel the world and fight various enemies using modern-day weaponry. The game’s turning point was probably after Ghosts when the players realized that Activision’s intent was to shape the future.

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Well, it appears that the company wants to go back to the basics, to something more stable and that can be painted in a thousand more ways before it becomes dull.

Image source: Wikipedia

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