Scientists Claim that The Universe Shouldn’t Exist (Study)


Some of the world’s most important scientists have tried for years to find out what caused out Universe to exist. Also, how that big moment didn’t immediately destroy everything, leaving behind only darkness and nothingness. So, basically, the Universe shouldn’t really exist and the big question is, how come it does? Currently, experts think that the Universe came to be following the famous Big Bang. During it, matter and antimatter were produced.

However, the mystery is how did matter and antimatter manage to co-exist? Especially when they should destroy each other because of their opposite electrical charges. Their collision should have annihilated everything around, including our Universe. This is why a team of experts from the European Organization for Nuclear Research have been searching for variations between matter and antimatter. By finding this, they might find out how matter managed to dominate and therefore create everything that you are seeing today.

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Our Universe shouldn’t really exist

It’s interesting that this is not the first try of the team when it comes to the origin of the Universe. Previously, they have tried finding certain differences in the particles’ traits. For example, in their mass, in their electrical charge, even in some properties that are yet to be defined. Still, it was in vain because everything was the same, even identical.

Recently, the journal Nature published the finding of the most recent study on matter and antimatter’s magnetism. And even if it was the most comprehensive one, the results were still the same: identical. According to the lead author of the study, Christian Smorra, this complete symmetry between matter and antimatter should not have made it possible for the Universe to actually exist. Still, the team thinks that a symmetry must exist somewhere, but they just haven’t found it yet.

Now, it seems like the scientists are trying to find whether or not the antimatter’s gravity could be the key to the birth of our Universe.

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