Security Experts Hacked into iPhone X’s Facial Recognition System


A team of Vietnamese security experts successfully used 3-D printing technology to hack into iPhone X’s facial recognition system aka Face ID, which Apple has touted as a lot safer than Touch ID.

Researchers at the Vietnam-based cyber security firm BKAV needed just a 3-D printed mask to unlock an iPhone X as if they were the owner of the phone. The entire experiment cost $150.

On Friday, the research team uploaded a video on YouTube showing how it was done. The mask needed just cutouts of the mouth, nose, and eyes of the rightful owner to be effective. Researchers used the face of the head of the cyber security unit at BKAV, Ngo Tuan Anh:

Face ID is one of the new features introduced with iPhone X, which Apple technicians have touted as the most secure version of facial recognition tech to date.

iPhone X’s Facial Recognition System Not Failproof

Critics slammed the technology as soon as it was rolled out, saying that somebody could easily fool the iPhone’s camera and security software. It is not the first time facial recognition shows its vulnerabilities. Some hackers were able to bypass the system by placing an image in front of the camera.

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Apple replied that Face ID uses infrared sensors and a map of the user’s face which connects more than 30,000 dots. The company even teamed up with experts that produce masks for Hollywood to ensure that the new system is not tricked by props.

However, BKAV, which is specialized in skirting facial recognition systems, said that Apple failed to make a serious estimation and scientific assessment before replacing Touch ID with the new security measure.

After the experiment, Apple refused to comment, asking reporters to sift through last month’s Face ID security report for details. The report shows that the facial recognition tech is based on a neural network that is trained to detect spoofing attempts like masks.

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