The T-Rex Had A Crushing Bite Of Some 8,000 Pounds


A T-rex’s crushing bite came with a force equal to 3 cars stacked on top of its jaws or 8,000 pounds.

A new study shows that the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex’s teeth were just as strong as the animal was big. The researchers estimated that this species’ crushing bite must have had a force of 8,000 pounds. That’s the equivalent of some 3 small cars stacked on top another and placed on the animal’s jaws.

The Crushing Bite of a Dinosaur Emerged Thanks to Crocodiles

This new information comes from Gregory Erickson of the Florida State University and his colleague part of the Oklahoma State University, Paul Gignac. Initially, the two researchers looked at the bite forces generated by various species of crocodiles.

“Crocodiles are close relatives of dinosaurs. It’s probably our best model for looking at dinosaurs,” stated Erickson.

The first step of the study involved capturing crocodiles and making them bite bathroom scales. Then, the scientists generated detailed 3D computer models. These were based on both these measured forces and information on crocodile jaws and their muscles. Put together, these helped estimate the T-rex’s biting force.

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Erickson says that this method returned this very impressive result. This dinosaur’s crushing bite could have had a force of 8,000 pounds. Which means that the T-rex was “eclipsing the highest forces” of a bite from any animal known and living in modern days.

Presently, crocodiles hold the record for the highest measured bite force. The biggest living such specimens can bite with a force of around 3,700 pounds. A human bite comes at about 200 pounds or so, in comparison.

The two researchers also took a look at the dinosaur’s teeth. They estimate that these could exert pressures coming up to 431,000 pounds/square inch. This is because the T-rex was capable of chewing up even large bones. It did so to reach the marrow from within them.

Thanks to its crushing bite and blunt and serrated teeth, this mighty beast was probably able to “slice through” almost anything in its realm, claim the scientists. The two researchers published a paper with this results in the journal Scientific Reports.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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