Tips for Capturing the Enemy Flag for Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster Event


Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan, announced Year of the Rooster event will be available in the future again after the current one ends.

Gamers have been long expecting the Year of the Rooster event within Overwatch. Now that the new mode has been deployed, some experience difficulties when it comes to actually capture their opponents’ flag and bring it back to their base. At the same time, other wish to improve their strategies to improve their odds of winning the battle.

Before any focus falls on the tactics themselves, the gamers will first have to choose their characters. In a game where speed is of the essence, the best chance for winning against an opposing team come with Genji or Tracer. So far, these are the best characters to use in the Year of the Rooster event because of their agility and speed.

However, having a setup best suited for only offense might not be the best way to go about capturing the enemy flag. Hence, Symmetra makes a welcomed addition to the team, thanks to her ability to drop turrets that create a passageway to the enemy base, just enough to create sufficient openings to break through the opponents’ defense. At the same time, Torbjorn can provide the team with a similar strategy, given he is able to set his turrets in place before the enemy takes him down.

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Those who will choose either Torbjorn or Symmetra should be aware of Sombra whose Hack is able to disable the effectiveness of their turrets. Furthermore, Sombra also has the Translocator skill, which allows the character to escape to safety once it gets a hold of the enemy flag.

While it may seem like no character is able to ensure victory on its own, Winston was deemed the best hero to use for the Year of the Rooster event, because of his ultimate. During the attack, players could spam the character’s massive jump and create a bubble shield upon capturing the enemy flag to avoid any interruptions.

Because Year of the Rooster is a team event, players will need to communicate efficiently for the entire duration of the game to ensure victory. Also, a team should be balanced with both offensive as well as defensive characters. Ultimately, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director, announced the event will be available again in the future because of the work that has been put into developing the mode by the Overwatch team.

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