This Deep Sea Russian Fisherman Posts Picture Of His Bizarre Catches On Twitter


Deep Sea Secrets : A Fisherman is tweeting pictures of the crazy deep-sea beasties and it’s terrifying

Roman Fedortsov, a deep sea fisher who works on a trawler based in Murmansk, a port city in the extreme northwest part of Russia has tweeted pictures of strange catches that would make people never want to enter the ocean ever again. The pictures twitted by Roman are the ones that he had encountered throughout this year.

The deep-sea creatures he pulls up look downright terrifying, but Roman shows no signs of fear when handling the fish. On his twitter account, Roman has allegedly shown many creatures brought to light and one of which is the frilled shark, an elusive eel-like shark known to have rows of terrifying teeth. Due to its primitive features, the frilled shark is often called a living ‘relic’. The fisherman has also revealed photos of the bizarre chimaera, a fish commonly known as the ‘ghost shark.’ Similarly, he has posted pictures of other deep-sea creatures as well.

Chimaera caught by the fisherman

While it is pretty startling to see such uncommon creatures for people who don’t regularly study the depths of the ocean, but to a deep-sea biologist, for example, Roman’s photos are pretty normal.

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The fisherman tweeted a photo of this remarkable creature, noting its 'beautiful' color

“No monsters here. Most are pretty small, a few inches long at most. Some of the shallower living, lighter-colored fishes might be a couple of feet,” Professor James Childress, who researches the biology of deep-sea animals at University of California Santa Barbara.

The pictures have sparkled some controversy and backlash with arguments such as deep sea creatures should be left alone. Due to the change of pressure when brought to the surface, the deep sea beings die, and this raises the question of whether they should be killed just for the sake of a sensational tweet.

Take a look at what lies beneath the surface of the ocean.

Source: Dailymail

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