BullGuard now offers enterprise-grade security features to home users


BullGuard has unleashed new 2018 versions of its security software which are powered by a fresh anti-malware engine, with a major introduction to the top-end product in the form of a real-time home network scanner.

BullGuard Antivirus (the base product), BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection (the flagship offering) will all benefit from a next-gen anti-malware engine which is capable of blocking previously unseen malware thanks to behavioural detection (and is bolstered by cloud-based machine learning tech).

However, only Premium Protection benefits from the home network scanner, which runs automatically in real-time, proactively scanning the network (and indeed it’s capable of monitoring multiple networks simultaneously).

When a new device connects to the home network, the feature will perform a ‘deep scan’ to check the hardware out, and it can also assess whether a home network is vulnerable to hackers. This nifty scanner is an industry-first in terms of security products, BullGuard boasts.

Premium Protection also benefits from identity protection features to help keep your data safe online, and a new firewall.

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Game booster

BullGuard Internet Security doesn’t have the home network scanner, but you do get that new firewall, along with an extensive suite of parental controls, plus a ‘game booster’ mode to ensure that any anti-malware activity doesn’t interfere with a gaming session (this is also present in the premium product).

BullGuard Antivirus is the entry-level offering which provides basic anti-malware protection, safe browsing alerts, and a vulnerability scanner that can warn you when software needs a security update (or when you connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi network).

All three products are available direct from the security company now, with BullGuard Antivirus priced at £24.95/$29.95 (1-year, 1-PC), Internet Security pitched at £49.95/$59.95 (1-year, 3-devices), while Premium Protection will run you to £69.95/$99.95 (1-year, 10-devices).

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