Download of the day: Picasa



Here’s an odd thing: Picasa shouldn’t exist. Google announced its retirement last year, but like a detective who can’t retire while his nemeses are still doing crimes, Picasa is still around to tame your photo libraries.

Although it won’t be updated now that Google has turned its attention to its newer Google Photos product, Picasa is still a superb tool for enhancing and organizing your snaps – and you don't need an internet connection to use it.

Why you need it

Picasa is fast, offers useful facial recognition, and includes a whole host of decent camera effects to make your pictures shine. There's also geotagging and text overlays, an excellent Fill Light tool to improve darker shots and its effective blemish removal tool.

Once you've finished refining your pictures, Picasa makes it easy to edit their metadata, rename them, and store them in a logical location. If you've got loads of photos sitting around gathering virtual dust on an SD card, it's ideal.

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Download here: Picasa