Download of the day: WordPress



WordPress comes in two flavours: that lets you create your own site and have it hosted on the company’s own servers, and that lets you host it yourself.

The web app is convenient, and is a good choice for new users, but the self-hosted version is much more flexible. It lets you install custom themes and third-party plugins, giving you more control over the way your blog looks and behaves. You also have full control over your own hosting, enabling you to pick a host that offers as much space and as many additional services as you need.

Why you need it

Your blog is your public face online, so you want it to look as professional as possible. Ideally, that means no ads and a personal domain rather than a subdomain of a blog-hosting site. WordPress gives you that flexibility

Using the WordPress desktop app means spending a little time configuring your web host, but don’t let this put you off; WordPress is so popular, many web hosting services offer one-click installation. Even if yours doesn’t, as long as your hosting includes a MySQL database, .

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