AI Personal Assistant Reports Home Violence to Police by Mistake


An AI gadget stopped a case of home violence by itself before it degenerated into something more severe.

The trend of home artificial intelligence appliances came with its own controversial nature. The matter in question is that of infringement of the right to a private life. There were hints in the media that some smart home gadgets are recording what happens without household permission. Other disputes stem from the fact that members of the family can start commands without intention. This is how thousands of kids ordered products by mistake. However, such an accidental command might have averted a severe case of home violence.

The Smart Home Device Took a Question as a Command to Call 911

Police officers in New Mexico claimed that a smart home device contacted them through a 911 emergency call. This action might have started as a mistake, but it proved that the timing was just right. Thanks to this piece of artificial intelligence, authorities were able to stop a severe case of domestic assault.

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It all started during a fight Eduardo Barros initiated against his girlfriend. However, his mistake was to ask the assaulted girl if she called the sheriffs. At this moment, the AI personal assistant that was vigilant in the house interpreted this question as a command. Therefore, the device proceeded to call the New Mexico police.

The gadget not only called authorities, but it kept the line open for them to overhear parts of the heated conversation. Therefore, they witnessed how Barros menaced his girlfriend with a gun. As a result, they immediately appealed to a SWAT team and negotiators. In the end, Barros was arrested over chargers of firearm possession and assault.

This Case of Home Violence Could Have Been Worse If It Weren’t for This Mistake

Unfortunately, the victim of the assault was injured during this fight. However, authorities are of the opinion that the situation could have degenerated into a much worse scenario than this. Therefore, the smart device could have just saved the day and become a hero.

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Even though this issue had a happy ending, authorities won’t take this isolated case as evidence that households can do well with non-stop surveillance from their smart gadgets. On the contrary, they intend to draw a line when it comes to such accidental emergency calls. That’s because the gadget might misinterpret things or act upon a TV show dialogue.

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