Apple Created New Machines to Repair Broken Screens Automatically


Apple will equip 400 repair centers with new machines to solve the cracked screens crisis.

One of the few disadvantages of owning an iPhone or smartphone nowadays lies in its large thus vulnerable mobile screen. While on the go, anything can happen. A moment of carelessness is enough to drop the gadget and make a $100 crack. However, Apple thought ahead of this situation. While it is impossible or too expensive to create a completely crack-proof phone, the company looked in the opposite position. Therefore, it came up with new machines to make such issues vanish in a second.

Apple Will Gear 400 Third-Party Centers with New Machines by the End of 2017

There are eight American states that started to put some pressure on tech companies. They went after the giants’ shabby practices regarding proprietary and restrictive repairs. Shortly after these pressures, Apple decides to gear 400 locations up with its own new machines for screen repairs. However, executives claimed that this innovation came up to better serve their clients.

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By the end of this year, Apple will equip 400 authorized third-party repair centers with the right tools to handle broken iPhone screens. Such a technology can also solve another controversy in the iPhone realm. While there were few points where customers were able to change their screens, such a procedure would have annulled their warranty.

Horizon Machines Can Fix the Most Sensitive Issues with Screens in a Few Seconds

The Horizon Machines can not only repair devices without affecting the warranty, but they are also capable of taking care of more sensitive matters. For instance, they can manipulate a fingerprint sensor without harming it. The replacement work is accurate enough to make the iPhone processor recognize the new hardware.

ComputerCare and Best Buy stores are some of the repair providers in the U.S. that are eligible for this Apple program. They will receive the new machines. The company keeps the mechanism behind this program in complete secrecy. This is because the equipment not only can maneuver with ease each piece of the iPhone, but it can also connect to the iOS system. If this technology reaches the public, hackers can manipulate it to access any iPhone they want.

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