Battery Bar lets you visualize your battery


Change that boring percentage number into a colourful energy bar

Battery Bar is a pretty cool app that has been out now for a little while on Android and it offers users a slick way to visualize their battery percentage instead of just seeing a number or a battery icon.

Some OEM’s such as Xiaomi for example offer different ways to display one’s battery percentage but nothing like this. You can mess with settings such as the thickness of the energy bar, power bar color, battery percentage and battery bar position.

The app also works well with full screen apps such as YouTube with it disappearing when you go full screen so it doesn’t distract from your viewing. It’s not free however but at just €0.79 it is a bargain if you want something different for your home screen.

Download Battery Bar from the link below

Battery Bar : Energy Bars on Status bar – Android Apps on Google Play

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