Blizzard Warms Up Players for a New Overwatch Hero


Blizzard might have just published some clues into the identity of the new Overwatch hero.

Blizzard continues its strategy to hit fans of the Overwatch universe with new content at a dizzy pace. This time, the company hinted at a new villain that disrupted the order in this fictional world, namely Doomfist. The good news is that there are chances for this character to become playable. Gamers will have the opportunity to take advantage of a new set of skills, weapons, and combat strategies that will be unlocked with the advent of the new Overwatch hero.

The In-Game Media Journal Revealed Hints at a New Overwatch Hero

The in-game media publisher, Times of Numbani, announced some concerning events. It turns out that the organization that goes by the name of Talon attempted an attack on a prison of maximum security. Their sole goal was to help one innate escape incarceration for good. The name of this fellow is Akande Ogundimu, also known as Doomfist.

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The post offers spellbinding details about the incident. The organization approached the prison by means of an aircraft. However, local radars reported no living being aboard the ship. This way, the craft managed to get past the defense systems without any trouble. This oddity led people to believe that there was an inside person that helped Talon.

At its nearest point, the spacecraft released a shadow. This figure alone was enough to cause a dozen of casualties. Medical staff identified the mercenary as Reaper confirming the operation as under the control of Talon.

This scene is part of the Overwatch timeline. This prison incident is positioned three months before Doomfist’s assault on the Numbani airport. Nonetheless, the post brings fresh information about this mysterious villain even though Doomfist was teased ever since the official trailer of the production that appeared in 2016.

The company said no more about this incident from Overwatch universe, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. However, the thing that gave it away is exactly its past. Blizzard has always teased players with glimpses in the update before releasing a new Overwatch hero. Therefore, there might appear additional details about this excerpt from the game’s universe soon.

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