CES 2017 and Kitchen Gadgets


CES 2017 displayed both innovative and unnecessary kitchen gadgets

This year’s CES edition has just ended, but the impressions remained after the “tech fair” are of all kinds and colors. While some products astonished every participant and made us admit their amazing degree of utility and innovation, others proved to be only fancy objects with an Internet connection. The kitchen-related gadgets were, of course, present, and they provided members for both groups.

Panasonic came up with a both fancy and useful invention. There is not only the aspect that catches the eye and makes us forget about the actual utility of the product. They presented a counter top and dinner table using the inductive heating technology. The counter is programmed to recognize pots and pans, so there is no fear that it might fry other objects placed on it. The table is also programmed to recognize plates, but a small downside may be that you need special plates so that the system works.

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Pernod Ricard impresses us with some sort of cocktail assistant. The device fits whatever bottle you want and afterwards it informs you of the possible cocktails and drinks that contain that type of alcohol. After you select the preferred beverage, it is prompted to release the exact quantity of alcohol needed for the cocktail. Mixing is, however, up to you.

The not so felicitous ideas were also present, unfortunately. Samsung insisted on continuing the 1990s trend on ‘the Internet fridge’. What is it? Just a regular refrigerator with a screen attached to it and it can basically do what all the other devices in your home already do. You can look up recipes on it, of course, but only from a specific site (AllRecipes) or you can leave messages for your family, in case you don’t like the effort to a leave a handwritten piece of paper hanging under a colorful magnet.

Griffin Technology thought they made a hit with the smart toaster. Imagine being able to control your toaster from your smartphone. You can turn it on, choose the perfect level of brownness the bread may have, everything happening without having to get out of bed to do it. So far so good. But wait. If you want to enjoy the breakfast in the comfort of your bed, you need to go fetch the bread from the kitchen. Therefore, quite a good technology meets the unnecessary.

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Yet it does not stop here. The number of kitchen gadgets is too big to be contained in a few lines, but if you saw something interesting and want to share the experience, feel free to post your impressions.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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