Co-Founder Brian Acton Leaves WhatsApp to Launch a Non-Profit Foundation


Brain Acton will start his own non-profit organization

One of the founders of WhatsApp announced he would leave the company, which is now Facebook-owned, to start a non-profit organization. Brian Acton started WhatsApp eight years ago, together with the one who’s now CEO, Jan Koum. The man announced his departure via a Facebook post.

Acton wants to start a non-profit organization

On September 12th, Acton wrote a long post on Facebook, where he announced everybody he would leave the company he founded eight years ago. The 45-year-old man wants a fresh start in his life, which no longer implies collaborating with WhatsApp. This new chapter he is about to start implies founding a non-profit organization which should deal with communication and tech.

He claims he has been pondering this decision for a few months. Now, he has finally decided he wants to start this foundation and move on. It’s not clear, however, how he is going to materialize his intentions. However, he promised to reveal more in the coming months. In the meantime, he will continue his collaboration with WhatsApp until November.

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WhatsApp has grown a lot over the past years

Acton studied at Stanford and worked at different companies, such as Apple and Yahoo. While working at the latter, he met Koum, who was an Ukrainian immigrant. Together, they decided to leave the company in 2007 and, in 2009, they started their own company, WhatsApp.

Since then, the messaging service has become one of the most popular in the world. It managed to gather a number of 1.3 billion users, and more than a billion of them are active every day. In some countries, it’s not as popular as in others, or maybe it’s not used at all. However, it has recently grown in India, Russia, Brazil, or Mexico.

Acton admitted it wasn’t easy to make such a decision. He is incredibly proud of what the company has achieved, and is happy to see more and more people have started using it.
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