Facebook Tweaked Its Safety Check Feature to Host Fundraising Opportunities


Facebook announced more improvement to its Safety Check feature.

Facebook Safety Check feature took the utility of social media to a whole new level. The company activates this service whenever a catastrophic event affects a large community of people across the world. What it does is informing friends and families that they beloved are safe or not from danger. This way, people employ the online world to deal with casualties in real life. Therefore, the company wanted this tool to help people do a lot more meaningful actions. As a consequence, the service is going to allow users opening a fundraising activity.

Facebook Made Several Tweaks to Its Safety Check Feature

Facebook extends its ambition to help communities in moments of crisis even further. The company embedded a new feature to its Safety Check service that enables people to organize fundraising mobilizations instantly. The acquired funds will help the victims and area that were impacted by the human-made or natural disaster to recover from their suffering more quickly.

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While the fundraising feature will roll out sometime in the upcoming weeks, there are other upgrades this service received. People will also be able to stay informed in real time when a crisis happens through a more responsive platform. On top of that, people can leave notes in their Safety Check Feed related to the experience they just had. The original version allowed people in the affected area to choose only between ““I’m safe” or “I’m not in the area.” Their messages can prove useful to their friends as they can explain to what extent they were affected.

Facebook Users Were Already Organizing Fundraisings before This Update

The tech giant doesn’t stop improving the humanitarian side of its platform. Earlier this year, there appeared a Community Help service through which people can aid the affected parts of the world through ailments, accommodation, and transportation. Released as a mobile-only concept, it has now received a desktop version as well with this new update.

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This new feature is just a quicker way to organize something that Facebook users were already doing. In the wake of the Manchester attack in May, many people employed this social media network to donate around $450,000 to help those in need.

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