First AI Poker Bot to Beat Humans Invented


Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University created Libratus, the first poker bot that succeeded in beating humans

Libratus is the poker bot developed by Carnegie Mellon University. The machine does not only show that humans may not be the best at playing poker, but also the fact that artificial intelligence has become more advanced than we thought.

An exquisite and intense man versus machine game declared its winner to be Libratus. It proved that it is the best poker bot in the world and also the fact that computers can deal with challenging situations that one may imagine only humans can solve.

For example, a chess bot may have an easier job, since chess is a game with definite moves and variables. However, No Limit Texas Hold’em poker is more complex for a computer, since it is based on chance and luck.

It is not the first time when computers are programmed to play complex games. Deep Blue is one good example of a device which was able to analyze complex situations, but only when the variables were definite. However, when they lack crucial information, AI devices meet great difficulties. If they cannot see the opponent’s stack of cards or understand how they might bet, computers face a challenge hard to overpass.

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However, Carnegie Mellon University devised one first poker bot in 2015, Claudico. It was eventually beaten by humans, but the machine was incredibly close to victory. Now, the researchers improved their technology and came up with a new device.

This new Libratus succeeded in winning over human opponents and it proved that it is only a matter of time and development of technology until a machine can become better at something which was previously thought only humans could perform.

During the competition, the computer learned the tricks from its opponents and improved the betting strategy. It became so good at it that, after 120,000 hands were played, the machine gathered about $1,776,250. Thus, the humans weren’t able to keep up with Libratus and it was the first time when four poker professionals were beaten by a machine.

This should not be a reason to worry. You may think that now AI machines can take our place, but think of them rather as a helping tool. They can be used in the diagnosis of several illnesses and also to improve cyber security. We should make use of all technology innovations and improve our industry and economy.
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