Google’s Next Stop for Exciting AI Lab Projects Is Canada


Google started seriously working on AI development back in 2014 when the company acquired DeepMind Technologies Limited. The AI projects of this firm are amazing. They created a neural network that can learn on its own how to play video games as humans do. The tech giant decided to open an international lab in the heart of Canada. This way, such exciting lab projects can also act as an incentive for a local pool of talents to join the expanding team.

Richard Sutton at University of Alberta Will Lead DeepMind’s AI Lab Projects

On Wednesday, Google’s DeepMind announced plans for an international research center in Edmonton, Canada. The company had already some connections with this city through the University of Alberta. There are almost a dozen of grads from Alberta that joined DeepMind forces to imagine the future of artificial intelligence.

Richard Sutton works at Alberta as a professor of computing science and represented the first outside advisor for the company. Now he is going to take over the helm of this new division along with two of his colleagues, Patrick Piarski and Michael Bowling. For the moment, there are other seven professionals who are going to round up the Canadian team.

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Sutton has already made a name for himself outside Google’s reach. He contributed to the pioneering project of reinforcement learning. This field studies the way bots can learn on their own through trial and error methods. At one point, researchers introduce virtual incentives to confirm to bots their right choices. DeepMind based many of its lab projects on a version of this technology called deep reinforcement learning. The company developed other interesting artificial intelligence systems.

Canada Is the New Hub for AI Technology

Canada seems like the ideal ground to invent the world of artificial intelligence. The government allotted a budget of $125 million to attract AI scientists here. Therefore, the country became in no time the place to be if a company seeks talent in this area. Uber, BlackBerry, and Apple are other giants that opened units in Canada to take advantage of its opportunities.

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