HTC Brings No Snapdragon 835 to MWC


HTC revealed that they will not launch any phones with Snapdragon 835 processor at this year’s MWC

This year’s Mobile World Congress promised a few surprises, but one of them will not be coming from HTC. They have recently released their newest processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but they announced that no phone featuring this processor will be launched at the show.

The rumors are a little unclear, though, and some phones containing Snapdragon 835 may be announced at the show. However, their shipping date will probably be sometime later in the year.

The news has been provided by the HTC President himself, Chialin Chang. He declared that they wanted a few months into leadership before launching the landmark CPU. He assured the tech enthusiasts that no Snapdragon 835 phones would be available at the MWC show. Also, it appears that no other revolutionary phones are bound to appear in this year’s MWC, all to the disappointment of the public.

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Yet everybody is wondering why there are not going to be any Snapdragon 835 phones at MWC. The answer may be provided by Samsung. The company acted as co-developers of the processor and it appears that they will be using all the initially produced chips for their new Galaxy S8. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 is set sometime in April, which makes for the delay in launching of other products using the processor, including HTC. They may be releasing them only this summer.

Chang offered more interesting information regarding HTC. He suggested that Pixel might not be the only collaboration between HTC and Google, so we might see more from them in the future. He also commented on the issue of the battery of the new U Ultra.

Some find it a bit small at 3,000 mAh. He explained that they did not want that the battery should change the phone’s design too much. Therefore, they chose a smaller battery instead of a thicker phone.

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In the end, he added that people should not expect an Android Wear from HTC too soon.

In conclusion, this year’s Mobile World Congress will not bring so many revolutionary devices, but we have to wait and see what it has been prepared for us. What is clear is that some Snapdragon 835 phones may be announced, but they will not be available for order until this summer.
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