Lenovo ThinkPad Could Be Turning Even More Efficient


Lenovo ThinkPad models could become even more efficient as the company announced upgrades.

The Lenovo ThinkPad series could become even more efficient as the company has announced new system and software updates and upgrades.

CES is one of the most expected technological events of the year. CES is the Consumer Electronics Show which will take place in 2017 in Las Vegas.

As the event approaches, device makers start teasing new products or updates to existing ones. Lenovo is one such maker.

Their ThinkPad laptop computers and tablets are amongst their best-known products. They are popular amongst schools, companies, and businesses in general.

The series has gone through some important updates. And ahead of CES, Lenovo has announced new ones.

Future Lenovo ThinkPad models will reportedly come with the Windows 10 Signature Edition. This should account for a bloatware-ware stripped down user experience.

However, this is not their only new feature. Lenovo ThinkPad updates will also be including new authentication features. Future models will sport an improved trackpad and a faster processor.

The range of updates and upgrades will target the whole device. As such, both software and hardware touch ups are to be expected.

Future business laptop models will sport new, updated software. They will be powered by Kaby Lake processors, Intel’s 7 generation. High-end ThinkPad models will have an added support. This will enable the extremely fast Intel Optane caching drives.

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This will be a non-volatile storage solution. It will offer high-speed data transfers. Still, it can only be expanded by 16 GB as the technology is still quite new.

As such, SSDs or the usual flash drives will still be necessary. These would have to be the laptop’s preferred storage option.

The new option will be available for a number of Lenovo ThinkPad models. These are the T570, T470, and T470p. the L470 and L570 will also be included on the list.

Newer models will also come with the Microsoft Precision TouchPad. This should account for a more intuitive user experience. Microsoft’s product is based on a new set of interfaces and drivers.

These will help define touch gestures. They will be introduced with the program which will have Windows-as-a-service. Still, the change will not be total. Users will still find the red TrackPoint button.

New high-end models will also come with an added authentication feature. They will sport a fingerprint sensor onboard. This will support a biometric verification. It will also enable the Windows Hello.

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As such, these users will be able to log in by through more secure options. These will be a facial recognition technique activated by an infrared camera.

New Lenovo ThinkPad models will be pushing for more ports. They will have more Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C ports.

The software change should also commit towards user security. ThinkPads will include the Windows 10 Signature Edition. Just recently, Superfish has become a source of customer complaints.

Other bootloader security loopholes have also caused user issues. Following the update, these should stop appearing.

As such, users should no longer have to deal with third-party services. Such services were noted to disrupt software experiences.

The Chinese company has offered details for each of its models. Lenovo ThinkPad updates will vary according to the model. Still, some features will be generally available.

For example, the manufacturer will be introducing new displays and dock sets. These will come as upgrades and will start being shipped in February. As such, they will come before the updated laptops.

Another USB-C dock version will also become available in January. Two new displays have also been announced and launched.

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