New Heroes of the Storm Update Is on the Way


Blizzard bring update 2.0 for Heroes of the Storm with many exciting changes

Blizzard announced some surprises for fans of Heroes of the Storm. The upcoming 2.0 update of the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) will bring some changes that will most surely be enjoyed by the players. One of the most acclaimed includes a reward system resembling the one in their other big title, Overwatch.

Blizzard is excited about the new update and hopes that the fans will embrace it. Alan Dabiri, the director of Heroes of the Storm, made a few declarations in a YouTube interview.

“Heroes 2.0 reflects everything we’ve been building towards since launch, as well as our current design philosophy and a bunch of extensive plans for future content.”

Overwatch-inspired reward system

The previous reward system in Heroes of the Storm consisted of gold or character skins that the players acquired in the game after they reached different achievements or milestones. Now, they will be given different rewards for each level up they achieve, namely a loot chest. These chests resemble those offered in Overwatch, as they are also from three categories, Common, Rare, and Epic.

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This is exciting, since each loot can be hiding a special rare item. For instance, in a Common chest you might find a common item, but the chances are that you should find higher items, too. Also, at each 10 levels they achieve while playing with a specific character, they win special chests customized for the hero they are playing with.

If you cannot wait until you reach these levels, you can buy the chests beforehand from the game menu. However, the loot chests hide more than rare items inside. They will also host cosmetic items, such as voice lines, sprays, portraits, or even emojis.

New progression system

The older version of Heroes of the Storm allowed users to pass early levels incredibly quickly, while the later ones posed more difficulty. Now, the update requires a little more experience to pass the easy levels, while it becomes not so tough anymore to overcome the later ones.

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Also, the overall Player Level will now increase every time the players achieve a new Hero level. Thus, the levels will no longer be split into the general playing one and the one that records the Hero levels achieved.

Blizzard will keep the update into a beta version for a month to test the changes. On April 25th, it will be officially released and all players will be able to enjoy it.

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