New Instagram Archive Feature Offers More Control over Content


Instagram has just introduced a new Archive feature that lets users hide some of their posts.

There are some photos that capture a dear memory of people, yet they might be too embarrassing to remain at the disposal of online followers. No matter the case, Instagram has just rolled a new service that offers its users more control over their photos. This is about the archive feature that can hide unwanted photos. This way, the files are not eliminated forever. Instead, they remain in obscurity until further notice.

The New Archive Feature Allows Instagram Users to Store or Retrieve Photos and Videos

On Tuesday, Facebook’s Instagram introduced a new feature called Archive. This option offers a more suitable alternative to either keep private photos public or delete them from profile permanently. Instead, users can choose to deposit the shared post in an archive. This way, no followers can view the pics. This freedom of choice comes in handy especially that Instagram might have a saying in people’s worldwide reputation.

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The new archive feature is positioned next to the editing or deleting options displayed whenever a user taps on one of his or her posts. Producers placed an archive button on the top right corner of users’ profile account. Once people click on it, they are sent to their photo archives. Here they can review their deposit of videos and photos.

To make users easier to let go of their photos, they have the option to retrieve their archived photos and make them public once more. Instagram was testing this new option before its official release. However, only a few users got access to its beta version.

The Instagram Update Is Similar to Snapchat’s Memories

Nonetheless, this new update is not an original idea. Snapchat’s Memories shares a lot of similarities with Instagram’s Archive and it was there long before it. This feature came as a natural addition to the young social media platform.

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Beforehand, all Snapchat posts were ephemeral. This means that people lost their posts forever after a while. On the one hand, this lent the app the same feeling of transient events as it happens in life. On the other hand, users weren’t able to hold on to some precious memories. Therefore, the company provided them with the option to keep those posts they hold dear.

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