New ransomware Petya hits many, few have paid though


Considering the chaos, hardly anyone has paid

It was only last month that corporations were hit by the WannaCry but clearly the hackers in the new Petya did not learn anything from that. The fact is companies just are not paying.

So far only about €7000 has been paid in Bitcoin, for those that don’t know that’s about 3.2 BTC, currently only 31 payments at time of writing. Follow the hackers wallet here for kicks and giggles.

So what exactly does Petya do, well it’s pretty serious, if you get infected the entire harddisk is encrypted and the only key sits on the attackers server. This means there is no getting back just even some of your data, it’s gone unless you pay.

If you think you have been attacked and you get a message below which is intended to mimic the Windows repair screen then you are in trouble.

Do not reboot your PC at this point which is usually a first reaction, just let it happen and then sit tight unfortunately until a fix comes out, sadly this is not likely. To protect yourself I always recommend using your own Cloud based storage such as MyCould or other online backup tools which means your entire harddisk is backed up.

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If you have been affected let us know.

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