Nintendo Issued Copyright Notices Against the Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Mod


Nintendo was quick to take down the promoting videos for the Super Mario 64 mod

Mods often improve our favorite games, and make our experience way more enjoyable than it already is. The same thing happened with last week’s mod for Super Mario 64, which allowed players to enter in online multiplayer campaigns with 23 other people. However, Nintendo found out quickly about it, and didn’t allow it to go on.

Nintendo doesn’t agree with an online version of Super Mario 64

Modder Kaze Emanuar, together with quite a numerous team, had created this feature for Super Mario 64 to let more people enjoy the game together. However, it only worked as a plugin, so it required players to already own a copy of the game to benefit from the mod. Even so, as soon as Nintendo found out about this, it decided to use copyright against this online version.

As a result, the company issued some copyright notices and, soon after that, all the videos which promoted this plugin were taken down. These videos were not the only target of the publisher, and not the only ones to go offline. Emanuar’s Patreon account was also disabled.

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The plugin is still online

However, something interesting happened. The promoting means might have disappeared from the internet, but the plugin is still there. These additional features for Super Mario 64 came in a .exe format, and Nintendo doesn’t own any rights on such a format. Therefore, if you’re interested in playing Super Mario 64 with all your friends, you can still find the mod online.

Regarding Emanuar’s account, it was taken down after Nintendo sent two copyright-related complaints directly to Patreon. However, he hadn’t received any donations, since the mod was created as an online project. Nintendo’s problem seems to be with putting Super Mario 64 online, as the company took immediate action as soon as any promoting video was posted.
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