Nokia and ZEISS are joining forces once again to make great smartphone cameras


Apple, Samsung your camera dominance is coming to an end

Nokia is teaming up once again with ZEISS who traditionally made the sensors on all Nokia’s really good premium Z series and Lumia phones. HMD Global the new owners of Nokia has released a statement to say that the two companies would be working together and hopefully on a flagship device.

With a joint ambition to advance the quality of the total imaging experience on smartphones spanning the entire ecosystem from software, services, through to screen quality, and optic design, the partnership will see ZEISS and HMD Global co-develop standard-defining imaging capabilities and will bring the ZEISS brand back to Nokia smartphones. This pledge to constantly improve consumers’ imaging experience is a reflection of the shared values between both businesses — a single minded commitment to quality, true craftsmanship and a desire to improve real life experience.

Now that Nokia is not hindered by the now failed Windows Phone aka Windows Mobile brand users should hopefully flock back to any new powerful phone that they release.

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The big issue for Nokia is will they release properly in markets like the EU, US and UK or stick to slow phased roll outs in India and China. Lets hope we see some amazing new camera phones in the near future, Apple and Samsung have had it too easy of late.

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