OnePlus 5 officially launched


A new design and duel cameras on the rear

OnePlus have finally launched their new OnePlus 5 “flagship killer” as they like to call it. The new phone has a sleek almost iPhone 7 look to it and features two new camera sensors on the rear.

The new design features an anodized, aluminum frame with 2.5D curved glass. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 835 with a massive 8GB of RAM and considering the OnePlus 3T had 6GB of RAM and never slows, 8GB might just be overkill.

Sadly the battery has decreased as OnePlus have been concentrating on design over stamina but the OP5 does feature Dash Charging which is good but useless if you are on the road and don’t have a charger, bigger battery > Dash Charging, sorry OnePlus.

Prices have gone up with the 6GB + 64GB costing €499 and the higher model with 8GB + 128GB costing €559. Don’t be surprised to see only the upper model on sale soon, this is a trick of OnePlus, offer different variants but only sell the more expensive, it’s something they have always done.

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If you would like to buy one now head over to the link below and use the code Clearer Photos to continue.

Early Drop – OnePlus (United Kingdom)

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