Rainbow Six Siege Exceeded the 20 Million Registered Players Landmark


Rainbow Six Siege turned from an unpopular game into a top first-person shooter

Ubisoft launched the first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege in December 2015, but it failed to gather too many fans. Twenty months later, it has won a place among the games of the moment, as it managed to reach an impressive number of players.

Rainbow Six Siege suddenly increased in popularity

Ubisoft has recently released a blog post where it discussed the sudden popularity Rainbow Six Siege was enjoying. According to them, 2.3 million people are playing the game every day. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the game has also reached the landmark of 20 million registered players.

The game received a beta version, as well as several weekends when you could play the game for free. This means that many of those 20 million registered players ended up playing Rainbow Six Siege thanks to those free trials. However, the number of daily players is even more relevant, placing it among the latest trending games.

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According to the Steam statistics, Rainbow Six Siege is the 13th most popular game on the platform. These statistics can tell us the number of concurrent players at any given moment. Since the game made quite a bad start, seeing it so up on the list is impressive. In fact, it even occupies a higher place than big games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim.

How did it end up among the top games?

Now, you may wonder how Ubisoft managed to bring this game so high. The secret lies in solid support after the release, as well as a clever DLC strategy. Instead of splitting the fanbase when something new gets released, all maps and operators become available for everybody.

Also, apart from exclusive content, Ubisoft made Rainbow Six Siege into an eSport. The game has already gathered a professional league of players, which is already enjoying popularity on the video game streaming platform Twitch. Over the past few months, the company also fixed all reported issues and worked on improving the gaming experience.
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