Silent Streets is an upcoming Augmented Reality detective series


Developed in Ireland by a multi-national crew

Silent Streets is a new detective series that blends real world activities such as walking with augmented reality to immerse you in a gritty crime series. In Silent Streets it’s 1867, the peak of Victorian era. You play a private detective from London who arrives in a grim coastal town of Snowport to investigate a distress call from your old friend. When you arrive you find him brutally murdered, what happens next is a full on crime solving experience very much like a Sherlock Holmes story.

The series is developed in Ireland by Funbakers, a small independent game studio based in Maynooth, co. Kildare and has won the Competitive Start Fund programme run by Enterprise Ireland in 2016.

The idea of the game is that players will start the series, and each episode is almost like an episode of a TV series. You walk or run, its up to you how to make progress in the game. So for example you need to get from one location to another the game will tell you its 500 steps, so begin walking. In some circumstances you will receive a notification as you travel that there’s a clue nearby or someone is watching you.

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The augmented reality comes into play when you arrive as a place or crime scene and you will use your devices camera to search for clues in whatever location you are in, at home, or even in your office.

You can of course avail of IAP’s to get to where you want to go quicker and as you progress further into the game these might be needed as distances get further. However for those of us who are very active dropping thousands of steps a day is not a problem.

The story is driven by player decisions which will impact your progress depending on your choice which leads to a different experience each play through.

Silent Streets Episode One is scheduled for a limited release in Ireland on 23 June 2017, with more chapters to follow in July, August and September. The good news is it will be available at a 100% discount, meaning you can pick up the first episode totally free. A global release will then follow towards the end of July.

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I really like the game, as someone who does not really get out and walk that much this game makes it easy for me, just open the game and go about my business. This is a great trick and feature, that you can be playing the game almost without playing it.

Download the app now from below

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