Sky VIP is a new loyalty reward program


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With so many people ‘cutting the cord’ these days or moving solely to Netflix, cable companies such as Sky and others are trying their hardest to keep customers.

Sky’s latest attempt is a new loyalty program called ‘Sky VIP’ which will give you rewards the longer you are with Sky.

Right now there is not a lot on offer depending on your years of service per the below table. For me I fall into the 8–15 years block, so right now I can claim a free Sky Store movie, Boss Baby in this case, but that’s it and I couldn’t choose the movie.

The top tier Sky VIP Black is very vague in what is on offer, it currently just says you will get a special phone number to skip the queuing when you need to speak to a Sky representative. I assume all lower tiers will also be included but possibly not.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Stephen Van Rooyen, Sky’s UK and Ireland Chief Executive, said:

“Sky has always been a customer led company and the launch of Sky VIP is about putting our existing customers first and showing we value their loyalty. This isn’t about tactical deals or collecting points — it’s about offering genuine experiences and benefits we know our customers value and which only Sky can offer.

“That’s why we are gathering every single ticket that we have from our sports partners and giving them to our customers, alongside free tickets to exclusive film previews and money can’t buy experiences. And for our most loyal customers, who we know want the latest kit and best possible service, we’ll be offering access to our best technology as well as priority customer service.

“But it doesn’t stop there — this is only the beginning as Sky VIP will keep expanding, with more benefits and rewards to be added in the coming months.”

I would like to see Sky offer some real rewards that might include money off your next bill perhaps as many of the rewards such as trips to sporting events probably wont be claimable by Irish users without travel expense.

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It’s a good start Sky, but now lets see where you go from here.

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