The Judy Malware May Have Affected Some 36.5 Million Users


The Judy malware is believed to have affected some 36.5 million users through its 41 apps.

Check Point Technology, an Internet security company was reportedly the first to detect a new malware in the Google Play Store dubbed “Judy”. Traced back to more than 40 applications, it is believed to have affected some 36.5 million Android devices, vulnerable to this illegal access.

The Judy Malware Detected in Apps that Have Since Been Removed

Check Point Technology proceeded in informing Google about this issue, and the tech giant company was quick to take action. It has already removed the 41 apps detected to contain or have been affected by Judy.

“The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it,” stated the Check Point Mobile research team.

According to reports, Judy is the alleged creation of Kiniwini, officially registered in the Google Play Store as the ENISTUDIO corp. This develops apps for both the Android and the iOS platforms.

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The ENISTUDIO sells several types of value-added apps and games on the Google Play Store. Its products have been installed on some 37 million devices worldwide.

Now, according to these reports, the developer also seems to have incorporated Judy in some of them. This bug works at the backend of the application, without the user’s permission and even knowledge. Its purpose seems to be to generate revenue.

The Judy malware opens up URLSs via an imitated PC browser from a hidden web page. From here, it gets redirected to another website. As it reached its targeted page, Judy then makes use of the JavaScript code to find and click the Google ads infrastructure banners. This is according to the Check Point Technologies statement.

Judy was also noted to display big banner advertisements on the device’s screen and force the user to click on them.

Google has already removed the 41 apps affected by Judy from its play store. It is also reportedly carrying out an internal investigation as it will try to introduce more severe measures to try and control malware and similar bugs from emerging in its Play Store.

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