TRUEPIC lets you verify the image you show people is what it is


New image and video certification app and SDK launched

We have all be in that situation, maybe after a car accident or loaning something like your house out to someone and something goes wrong. Sure you might have a picture of the before and after but that’s all it really is and it’s open to dispute.

TRUEPIC have just launched and iOS and Android app and an SDK so that developers can build in TUREPICS image and video certification into their camera apps.

Imagine you are an AirBnB home owner, with TRUEPIC you can shoot video or take images of the property before you rent the place then compare afterwards. The images you upload using the TRUEPIC app are stored in their vault and digitally certified. No one can dispute the image as a unique code is placed on the each one that anyone can look up on TRUEPIC and verify that it hasn’t been altered in anyway.

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The company is currently rolling out private beta tests with leading insurance, online dating, home rental, car rental, classifieds and beauty companies. Various use cases include:

  • Business: Insurance carriers can now authenticate photos submitted with insurance claims; Home rental images verified as accurate and current; Rental car conditions photo-documented; Dating profile pictures confirmed as both current and unfiltered; Classified photos confirmed as 100% credible; Beauty companies are able to demonstrate real results for consumers, and more
  • Consumer: Users of the free consumer app can share photos with friends that are accepted to be true and unfiltered; Document the condition of one’s home before listing it on Airbnb; Confirm users are who they say they are on dating sites; Prove the authenticity of citizen journalism content; Endorse a product’s effectiveness via before and after photos; Verify photos at the scene of an accident; Ensure children are dropped home safely; and more

It’s a great tool to have if you want to ensure your images stay your images too, take dating apps such as Tinder, expect peoples profile pics to start having TRUEPIC certification codes, meaning no one can steal your image.

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Download the apps from the links below:

  • TRUEPIC – Android Apps on Google Play
  • TRUEPIC on the App Store

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