Twitter might be getting more sensitive


New tests on potentially offensive accounts are underway

Twitter has been working hard to try and help users stop abusive and new tests currently underway might even help you avoid it altogether. However the new tests might just mean Twitter becomes a little too sensitive perhaps.

The above user who is in fact a tech analyst noticed that his profile became completely grayed out with the notice stating:

“Caution: This profile may include sensitive content. You’re seeing this warning because they tweet sensitive images or language. Do you still want to view it?”

Twitter has always let sensitive media be blocked if you want it to via setting so that any image that might be deemed offensive would be blocked out until you clicked that you wanted to see it. However this new potential update would mean entire profiles would be blocked out and this I feel would be a step too far.

Twitter have confirmed they are only testing this but even if they did roll this out I would be fairly sure that the backlash would be so extreme that it would be removed quickly.

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