University of Michigan Will Have Two Driverless Buses to Pick up Students This Fall


The University of Michigan will be the first campus to enjoy the seamless experience of two driverless buses.

The University of Michigan is going to enter the frenzy for autonomous vehicle technology this fall to the benefit of its students. The institution decided to invest in two driverless buses to pick up staff members and students at least within the grounds of the campus. The new equipment will be under the brand of Navya Arma which was first launched back in 2015.

The Driverless Buses Are Geared with Level 5 Autonomous Technology

This means of innovative transportation is anything a community needs to travel without the need of a driver. Navya is a French tech company that managed to create a vehicle that is both autonomous and eco-friendly. The new concept is among the few products on the market that refer to the wholesome meaning of a self-driving vehicle.

The shuttles need no assistance from humans for the entire trip. They actually sport a Level 5 autonomous technology. This means that the vehicle can react to traffic as well as a human can in any scenario. This includes even harsh conditions such as a dirt road which offers a surface on which it is difficult to control a vehicle.

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The two driverless buses will have a capacity of 15 passengers and work on electricity which renders zero greenhouse gas emissions. However, there is one drawback which isn’t so distracting with so many benefits of this technology. The shuttles cannot surpass a speed of 28 mph.

Researchers Behind This Project Will also Supervise and Evaluate the Naya Arma Performance

Beginning fall 2017, students and university staff will be able to enjoy this cute transportation means for a distance of one mile initially. The two Navya Armas will operate between the Robert J. Lurie Engineering Center and the North Campus Research Center. There will be no fare tax, and they will spawn every 10 minutes in the designated stations.

This project will also benefit the entity that created these vehicles, namely Mcity. This is a public-private partnership research center that focuses on vehicle automation. The teams will want to evaluate the performance of the two Navya Armas and boost its features if possible.

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Image source: Navya

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