Xbox One Dashboard update incoming


A new Xbox One Dashboard is coming

Microsoft rolled out a new Dashboard update to gamers who are on the Alpha Ring which is basically the developer track on Xbox. Some users will get it before others before being pushed out publicly in the Autumn.

The dashboard has become more horizontal and a little bit more PS4 like which for many will not be a bad thing however I am not a fan of the dashboard on either platforms in their current state.

The new Xbox One dashboard tries to organize everything how Microsoft thinks you as a gamer wants things. However this is a gaming platform first and foremost so why do pinned games still occur way down the list. As a gamer you should not have to go into the ‘My Games & Apps’, why cant the dashboard show my games up the top.

The new dashboard is not bad, but I think it is a bit cluttered and probably will not be to everyone’s tastes. However Microsoft are really good as fixing issues on Xbox, so if this new look doesn’t work in some aspects you can be sure they will tweak it until it does.

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