YouTube Adds a New Sharing Feature Which Lets You Comment on Videos with Friends


YouTube introduced a new sharing feature which allows you to comment on videos with friends

YouTube has just rolled out a new feature on its Android and iOS app, allowing users to share videos directly with other contacts. This resembles a messaging app, as users can also chat about the shared videos, reply with emojis or with other videos, or even invite more people to the conversation. The app will allow a maximum of 30 people to take part in such a group chat.

This is not a novelty, as YouTube started testing sharing videos in conversation-like environments in May 2016. Then, in January 2017, the company started testing it on users from Canada, since they share the most videos online. The testing must have gone well, since it announced the rolling out of the feature on both Android and iOS.

YouTube said it made a few changes on the feature since its initial testing in 2016. Now, the chat looks differently. For instance, the video sticks to the top of the chatting window, allowing users to reply to the conversation and watch the video at the same time.

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YouTube’s new feature lets you comment on videos after sharing them

The app will now feature a new tab, called Shared, which makes the new feature accessible. If you want to try it with other users, you have to send them invitations either via SMS or an invitation link. To put it differently, YouTube lets you invite other users to try its messaging app via all the other means you could have tried to share a video with them.

However, this is not only a sharing feature. YouTube already benefits from a share button which, upon clicking, lets you choose the platform where you want your video to end up. This new tab looks exactly like a chat platform.

YouTube shaped it so that you should discuss upon the shared videos. In fact, you can talk about anything you like, as it allows you to share only text or even other kinds of links. Therefore, the Google-owned company brought another messaging app out there, although users have plenty of other alternatives available.
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