Biometric Technology: A Brief History

Biometrics security is one of today’s most sophisticated technology for identification, verification, and identifications processes. Biometrics authentication works by recognizing a person’s unique physiological and behavioral traits.

Some physiological identifiers include facial recognition, fingerprints, iris recognition, retina scanning, voice recognition, and more. On the other hand, behavioral traits include unique ways in which a person acts. 

The increased threat of global terror, cyber hacking, and many more fraudulent acts gave rise to the need for this technology. The use of ID cards, PINs, and specifically passwords are struggling to keep organization’s data and facilities safe from fraudsters who act faster and wiser than ever.

According to Verizon, a telecommunications company, 80{49f263cb6e578af9e50f209d05250f07326204f161d107dfbb409073c2ea4d01} of data breaches are caused by hacked passwords. This is because passwords are the easiest way for criminals to hack an account, and it is vulnerable to compromise unless regularly changed.

There are various advantages of using biometric authentication over traditional passwords. One of its main benefits is that it makes forgery difficult as the user’s identification is unique. Additionally, it makes authentication more quick and convenient.

When biometric authentication is used as part of a multi-step authentication process, it is very effective. Various financial companies and banks are currently using biometric technology as part of their security solutions.

LoginID is a company that is part of FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, an open industry focused on developing and promoting authentication standards that rely less on passwords.

They provide APIs and SDKs, which allow companies to integrate FIDO-certified authentication to any website, application, eCommerce, or banking brand within 15 minutes. The company’s developers have a deep knowledge of the FIDO standards and network.

Recently, this month of June 2021, LoginID Inc. creators announced that visa delegated authentication program and additional investment from visa.  In today’s digital world, it is expected that more companies like visa will leverage biometric technology for their security solutions.

To learn more about Passwordless Authentication. Here is an infographic from LoginID that discusses the brief history of Biometric Technology.

Biometric Technology: a brief history

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