How to Choose the Best TV Brand

Now, even if you’re already more familiar with the best TVs on the market at your disposal, there may still be some questions left. But don’t worry; we’ll now give you some additional tips and instructions so you can choose your ideal product once and for all.

Now check out what you should review before purchasing your best tv brand (melhor marca de tv):

Resolution Ultra HD 4k (2160p)

The first resolution option, which in turn is considered the best on the market, is the Ultra HD 4k (2160p). The new 4k TVs have four times more pixels on the screen than HD and Full HD TVs, which ensures more reality, quality and life on large screens.

In ad, this resolution may appear as Ultra HD 4k or UHD 4k, which are literally the same thing, but gets the hint. As a curiosity, this acronym (UHD) means “Ultra High Definition”, that is, an above average image definition quality.

Therefore, it is to be expected that television models offering such a resolution will also have a higher cost. However, carefully review this specification and feel free to choose.

Full HD (1080p)

Secondly we have full HD resolution (1080p), which is one level below the 4k UHD. Anyway, it’s still possible to have great experiences with your television in this resolution, so don’t get carried away by beautiful numbers or names, because obviously you’ll pay more for something that sometimes isn’t even that important to you,

Out of curiosity, you may be wondering what that 1080p of the product description means. Basically, this number represents the amount of horizontal lines of vertical resolution, in this case being 1080.

So if you want to save a little more on buying your TV, don’t worry, one with Full HD resolution will suit you very well, providing great experiences in any program you watch.

HD (720p)

And lastly, we have the lowest level of resolution of current televisions, but it still falls into high definition standards. These, in turn, tend to be more basic and, consequently, cheaper. We’re talking HD TVs (720p).

Often, televisions with this resolution offer fewer features because it gets somewhat disproportionate to put a number of technology on a device with low resolution. Anyway, to watch soap operas, tv news, movies, and other content, a 720p HD TV can turn out to be a great option.

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