Overview on the HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 and ThinkAgile HX2720 E Appliance

SimpliVity 380 Gen10 is one of the compact 2U rack-mounted building blocks, which delivers storage, server, and networking services. They are highly adaptable to the diverse workload demands. Moreover, it is known to deliver world-class performance with a perfect balance of scalability and expandability. It even provides a set of advanced functionality level that helps in records a dramatic improvement when evaluated based on efficiency, protection, management and performance level.

HPE SimpliVity 380 helps in giving the IT organization an agile and economic ground of the cloud, which helps in to have control and governance on the IT premises. It helps in delivering the powerhouse of the hyper-converged solution, which is perfectly optimized to support the most efficient and resilient data center of the world.

Now, this helps in simplifying the IT solutions by perfectly combining it with the infrastructure and data services for virtualizing the workloads on one single device. Even when evaluated based on pricing, it cost only a fraction compared to the traditional infrastructural stack being used.

Features and Benefits of ThinkAgile HX2720 E Appliance

Fully Integrated System

This appliance combines the resources, storage networking along with storage facility into one single hyper-converged system. It even simplifies the management and helps in delivering cost-efficient and agile work with an increase in visibility and control level.

Peak and Predictable Performance Level

The all-flash solutions help in providing a predictable as well as a linear performance with the reduced latency at the wire speeds. It helps in minimizing the I/O and network traffic.

Dramatic TCO Reduction

It helps in reducing the purchase of multiple components and helps with optimizing the storage capacity.

Scale in and Scale-Out

The configurations can be easily changed as per the need and requirement of the user. Therefore, one can easily both expand and shrink the configurations. Every node supports several protected virtual machines with the collection of nodes networked at both the remote and local sites managed together as one entity.

ThinkAgile HX2720 E Appliance is designed with simplicity to reduce the IT infrastructure at a lower cost. This appliance provided by the Lenovo combines with the hyperactive convergent software. They are tailored intelligently to meet up the different workloads for the small and medium scale business. The entire HX Series Express appliance has the edgy Nutnix Xpress software, which delivers a cost-effective, simplified solution. They enable the organization to pay less heed to the infrastructural management and thus lowering the total ownership cost. These particular appliances have even got dense nodes where every node supports at least one and more processors.

This appliance is factory-integrated made, perfectly built on the servers of the reliable Lenovo ThinkSystem. This helps in to provide power to the computers to manage a huge variety of workloads. It even provides a convenient and quick path for the implementation of the hyper-converged solution with a one-stop-shop.

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